Wanted: Web Developer for HelloNzb Web Frontend

3 September, 2013 (23:14) | News | By: Matthias

As described in our last posting here we have released the first public beta of HelloNzb version 2.0, which includes a built-in web interface. This new frontend allows you to access HelloNzb via your web browser, so that you can for example upload a new NZB file also if you are not at your computer currently.

However, this new web interface is still work in progress. Unfortunately, as we are no web developers, so that the new interface is not progressing as fast as we want it to. So we would like to announce our search for web developers, who want to support our Open Source project.

The web interface is running on a built-in web server on HelloNzb, serving usual HTML and CSS files. A nice detail is the fact that we have integrated a Python runtime into HelloNzb, so that you can very easily generate dynamic content (like in many other modern web sites).

We are currently writing a help section for this new web interface, so that interested web developers can easily modify the current web interface files, or create completely new pages. However, even though this help section is not ready yet, we still encourage all interested web developers to contact us and share your ideas with us. We would be glad if someone wants to help us with this new interface. And of course, since this whole new feature is work in progress, we are more than willing to develop the interface from the web interface to the main HelloNzb program in a way that helps you developing the web frontend!

So please don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to help out or simply give some feedback…