HelloNzb v2 BETA ready for testing

18 June, 2013 (00:52) | New Version | By: Matthias

We are happy to annouce the first beta of HelloNzb version 2.0. The main new feature of HelloNzb v2 is the built-in web interface. This allows you to upload new NZB files and control the application remotely, for example from your mobile phone.

We would be happy to hear some feedback on the new web interface from you. To test the new version you can download it from here:


Please note that this web interface is still work-in-progress, so you will miss some nice features yet and may encounter one or another bug. The core functionality of HelloNzb is similar to the current version, so it should be quite stable already. In any case please don’t hesitate to tell us what you think of the new HelloNb web interface.

Hope you like and enjoy HelloNzb version 2.0!

PS: We have implemented the built-in web interface via Jython, so in the near future you will be able to easily modify the web interface to your needs, or write your completly own version…