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HelloNzb has switched to Java 8

20 January, 2015 (11:56) | News | By: Matthias

With the latest HelloNzb version 1.4.2 we have switched to Java 8. That means the application does not run with a smaller version of Java. So if you get an error message like “UnsupportedClassVersionError: Unsupported major.minor version 52.0“, or if HelloNzb simply does not start at all without any error message, then download the latest […]

Wanted: Web Developer for HelloNzb Web Frontend

3 September, 2013 (23:14) | News | By: Matthias

As described in our last posting here we have released the first public beta of HelloNzb version 2.0, which includes a built-in web interface. This new frontend allows you to access HelloNzb via your web browser, so that you can for example upload a new NZB file also if you are not at your computer […]

FAQ Page added to Web Site

4 May, 2013 (23:12) | News | By: Matthias

Just as a short note: we have added a new FAQ section to our web site. Please check it if you have problems running HelloNzb.

Sources available at sourceforge SVN

26 January, 2013 (04:18) | News | By: Matthias

We have changed our source repository from old CVS to SVN. From now on you can fetch the HelloNzb sources at svn:// Cheers!

Welcome to the new home of HelloNzb

21 January, 2013 (23:05) | News | By: Matthias

Welcome to the new web site of HelloNzb, the binary Usenet tool. We had some technical issues during the last days, so instead of rebuilding our old site we have decided to renew our web site. We hope you enjoy it, and please feel free to contact us for help or feedback on HelloNzb. Cheers!