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HelloNzb has switched to Java 8

20 January, 2015 (11:56) | News | By: Matthias

With the latest HelloNzb version 1.4.2 we have switched to Java 8. That means the application does not run with a smaller version of Java. So if you get an error message like “UnsupportedClassVersionError: Unsupported major.minor version 52.0“, or if HelloNzb simply does not start at all without any error message, then download the latest […]

New version 1.4.2 released

17 January, 2015 (16:21) | New Version | By: Matthias

This update includes the following changes and fixes: Show correct values in speed graph panel and ETA label when alternative Usenet server is set and used More debugging output in log when new files are being created on the local disk Increased default server connection timeout from 10 to 30 seconds Updated Java networking library […]